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Create a Stone Floor Care Program for Your Cleaning Business

Written by Sydney Cleaning Group. Posted in Cleaning Services, Cleaning Tips

Offices have several forms of flooring and growing in popularity are stone floors. Stone floors give buildings a vintage and upscale image. Popular choices in flooring these days are natural surfaces including marble, slate, granite, and terrazzo. Weight loss buildings are installing stone floors there is a growing requirement of cleaning contractors who’ve the ability and knowledge to manage these valued surfaces properly. Learning the tricks of stone floor care can result in extra money and profit on your cleaners.

Ideas For Reduce Your Cleaning Time

Written by Sydney Cleaning Group. Posted in Cleaning Tips

According to a current survey by home cleaning experts, over half of People today admit that they can feel a feeling of achievement after cleaning their homes-even though they do not actually like having to houseclean. The good news is cleaning does not have to be laborious or take loads of time.

“My advice to people is ‘clean smarter, not harder’. By using a few easy tips, you can properly clean your home in less time, thereby freeing you up to do the matters you’d like to be doing.”

Here are some speed-cleaning ideas:

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