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Spring Cleaning: Reducing Air Pollutants And Dust Mites

Written by Sydney Cleaning Group. Posted in Cleaning Tips

If you’re certainly one of Australia’s 1 million allergy sufferers, it is likely you already clean everyday to attenuate allergens. Even with daily cleaning, however, allergens might be lurking at home. To eliminate deep, ground-in dust and mold, perform thorough cleaning two or three times annually. Spring continues to be long hailed as the perfect time for refreshing a home following a long winter indoors. For allergy sufferers, cleaning is a perfect time to address many of the major pollutants that create asthma along with other problems.

Intensive cleaning is usually torturous for allergy sufferers, as vigorous cleaning sends a year’s number of irritants flying in to the air. Before beginning cleaning, ensure that you take into account the following:

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