Office Cleaning Services Checklist

Office Cleaning Services Checklist

We don’t cut corners. When you require office cleaning services in Sydney, We are able to provide exactly what you’ll need. We make use of a unique system each time we clean your premises so that you can provide complete, thorough housekeeping services services. We’re dedicated to house cleaning services in Sydney, so that you are aware that you’ll receive results that feature exactly the same care and attention to detail which you yourself offers.

Here is a sample check-list you can implement for your office:


Employees can often be messy, especially at their desk or work stations. Clutter can build up alongside paperwork and trash, making desks little islands of clutter in an otherwise clean office. Each employee should be responsible for straightening up their own work space at the end of a work day. Not only will it improve appearances but it will also help some workers with their organisation skills.


This task is often shirked by most employees because it is so unpleasant. No one wants to clean up a bathroom, even at home. However, the bathroom has the potential to be the messiest area in the entire office. Some people use a bathroom and no one would be the wiser. Nevertheless, there are some messy people who occupy a bathroom and turn it into a garbage dump. Not only is this unsightly but it is also unsanitary.

You don’t want your employees, and especially customers and clients, to come across a putrid restroom. Make sure your office has all the supplies you need to make your washroom sparkling clean.


Garbage can build up throughout the course of a day. While changing the garbage bins each night may be a waste of liners and trash bags, you should be mindful that trash needs to be regularly tossed out. The old adage of he who tops it off, drops it off, shouldn’t necessarily apply. Each worker should be responsible for his or her own garbage bin.

Floor and Shelving

Dust and dirt can quickly build up on the office floor and shelves. Cleaning these areas goes a long way to bolstering an office’s image to customers and clients. A comprehensive office cleaning check-list should always include a vacuum, mop and dust of the entire office. This not only keeps things fresh but helps lower allergens so people with sensitive systems aren’t plagued by allergies.


The entrance to your office is the first thing customers or clients see when they come in. As the saying goes – a first impression can make or break your reputation. Don’t let a cluttered reception foyer send the wrong signal to potential customers. Keep this area clean and well maintained as it not only is the first thing clients see but it experiences a high degree of foot traffic, making it potentially a very messy place.

Lunch Room

Coffee spills and leftover lunches can often pile up in the break room. You should always maintain the cleanliness of a break room since employees not only congregate here but also eat their food here. You don’t want a messy space when you are snacking on a tuna salad sandwich.

Cleaning your office can be quite a chore, but with this checklist in hand you can be sure that your office will be looking great in no time!

Office Cleaning Services Checklist By Sydney Cleaning Group

Office Cleaning Services Checklist

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