Medical Centre Cleaning Services

Medical Centre Cleaning

Let Sydney Cleaning Group clean Your Medical Office – A healthy medical facility environment is critical in reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses. Sydney Cleaning Group is particularly competent in maintaining high standards of cleanliness in medical centres. Following are some benefits in using Sydney Cleaning Group / Medical Centre Cleaning Services;

  •    We Disinfect better – Our hospital-grade disinfectants provide a comprehensive kill spectrum, with minimum volume usage.
  •     We Fight Cross Contamination – Through using of colour coded micro-fibre cloths and flat mops stop the propagate of germs and eliminate cross contamination.
  •     Restrooms – Our highly trained staff and best grade cleaning products and processes all combine to encounter bacteria and destroy it where it develops. We give special focus to high touch areas like faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles and push plates to ensure that absolutely nothing left to chance.
  •      Carpet & Floors – Our numerous cleaning processes and assertive carpet and hard floor care program work jointly to keep carpets and floors fresh, clean and bacteria free, reflecting well on you and your patients. All Vacuums use HEPA Micro Filters to eradicate dust being blown back into the air.
  •     We Work Greener – Fewer chemicals means less harm to the environment.
  •     We Work Efficient – All Cleaning is performed by a checklist
  •     We take all the risk – You no longer sign any One year contracts, we’re so confident in our value for money service and efficient systems that you will desire to keep us on.. At Sydney Cleaning Group we build friendships on doing what’s right rather than cutting corners.

Medical Centre Cleaning Services

Medical Centre Cleaning Services

Despite the fact that nearly all medical centers are certainly not that significant in sizes; sustaining satisfactory degrees of health could be a tough process given the amount associated with ill as well as infected site visitors that walk-through the doorway. For this reason a great importance should be added to every day washing involving both ready place and also consultation regions in order to avoid unneeded corner cross contamination.

For the most effective and professional Medical Centre Cleaning Services contact Sydney Cleaning Group on 1300 393 109.

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