How you can clean different sort of floors

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Ceramic tiles
They’re easily cleaned with a mop or cloth dipped in an answer of dish washing liquid. Alternatively, clean with neat laundry borax placed onto a damp mop or perhaps a solution of 1 part ammonia to a few parts hot water. Polish which has a chamois leather. A squeegee mop is right for this sort of floor because it removes a lot of the water. Be mindful when walking on wet ceramic tiles, especially in rubber soled shoes, as they are very slippery. Tend not to polish the tiles because this can make them permanently slippery.
Grouting between your tiles should be cleaned every once in awhile having an old toothbrush dipped into a strong solution of dish liquid or household cleaner. Alternatively, utilize a special grout cleaner.

Cork Tiles
These will often have a sealed, waxed or vinyl finish to stop water and dirt from penetrating their porous surface. In case you are laying cork tiles check that the edges and also the surfaces are sealed or water may seep in from your sides.
Sealed cork just needs mopping finished hot water and an occasional putting on emulsion polish.
Vinyl finished cork must be damp mopped having an occasional application of emulsion polish.
Waxed cork should be swept regularly having an occasional wax or liquid polish.
When applying some of these polishes try to avoid a build up of polish round the edges with the room, this can eventually form a sticky deposit that pulls dirt and substances like talcum powder in bathrooms. It looks very unattractive and is hard to remove, use the back of a knife blade.
Always rinse floor mops in disinfectant solution after housekeeping services. Hand up and running or inverted to dry.

Quarry tiles
Glazed tiles must be washed using a weak solution of household cleaner. They will be polished having a liquid or paste wax polish, preferably a non slop product.
Unglazed tiles will require an even more vigorous scrub having a stronger solution.
Alway rinse with warm clear water and wipe finished a dry mop.
Faded tiles might be restored on their original color. Remove the polish by rubbing with steel wood and white spirit, then wash with household cleaner, rinse and invite to dry. Apply a thin coat of colored wax polish and rub it in well then it will not appear on the soles of one’s shoes.
Newly laid tiles usually develop white patches, brought on by lime working its far with the concrete sub floor. These can be removed temporarily by cleansing the tiles which has a apple cider vinegar solution. Do not rinse off the perfect solution is , nor polish the tiles before white patches cease to show up.

Wooden flooring having a waxed surface must be swept with a soft broom and dry mopped to get rid of dust and loose soil. Sticky marks are easy to remove with a damp cloth wrung out in water that is clean. Waxed wood really should not be washed as water can distort the wood. Use a coating of wax polish paste with fine grain steel wool every so often. Once the polish builds to a unacceptable level, i.e. Once the floor begins to feel and look sticky, get rid of the old wax using a cloth drizzled with white spirit. Allow to dry thoroughly before you apply a fresh coating of wax.
Sealed wood flooring must be damp mopped to eliminate dust. Use a coating of wax or emulsion polish every so often for additional shine.

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