How To Strip And Seal A Floor

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One of the most time intensive and tricky facets of commercial cleaning, will be the task of stripping and sealing a vinyl floor. there are several problems connected with it and when you do not know what you’re doing, then your results may be far from impressive. A considerable commercial cleaner that’s worth his weight know how you can execute a fantastic job when wanting to strip and seal your vinyl or almost every other type of flooring.

First off, the region should be cleared of most furniture and other bits and pieces. Then your area should be thoroughly vacuumed as any dust left on the ground will ruin the glass like finish you are hoping to achieve. Most office cleaning companies have all the appropriate the equipment to do this properly. Once the are is clean, a mop and bucket needs to be used to thoroughly wet the spot using the stripper within the bucket. water ought to always be as hot as you can, not boiling though as which could damage a floor instead of to note the fumes inside steam in the stripper. After the stripper option is down, some steel wool should be used around the edges but always wear gloves because the solution can be extremely caustic. Remove all scuff marks using the steel wool. then operate a buffer with the vac off using the correct type of pad depending on how much old polish should be removed. Run the buffer length wise after which cross smart to ensure the whole surface area in the floor is protected. Once that’s done, work with a wet vac to eliminate the stripper started as well as a clean mop to completely clean up any streaks and excess stripper.

You must let it dry before passing on a final buff to seal a floor. Most commercial cleaning firms that That i’ve ever worked with usually leave that last come out for times sake but if you do not seal the floor before retiring new polish, the conclusion will not be nearly as good. As soon as the floor is totally dry, chance a vacuum on the area to pick up any loose dust which remains on to the ground. Supply the floor at the very least three coats of an suitable polish and wait till the coat is touch dry before you apply the next coat. At no time in the event you buff the polish between coats. Attempt to allow at least eight to ten hours hardening time ahead of the floor is used. when the polish is simply too ‘soft’, then any scratches or scuff marks will become permanent in the event the polish hardens. this hardening often takes between 24-48 hours with regards to the polish itself.

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