Floor Strip and Seal

Get your Vinyl Flooring and Terrazzo Floor Strip and Seal with Sydney Floors Stripping and Sealing Services

Are you looking for an exciting and cost effective way to Strip and Seal your hard floors whilst still maintaining that exceptionally high level of shine you experience today? Then Sydney Floor Strip and Seal Services has the answer and solution for you.
So why is Just Sydney Floors Stripping ans Sealing Services different?

Sydney Floor Strip and Seal

takes the worry of ongoing floor maintenance by having the best people, supported by a strong ‘hands on’ Management Team that are on call 24/7 and we do it at the best possible price.
We offer:

An incredibly Competitive Price
From $2.50 per square metre which includes all chemicals costs
Agree to use your preferred chemical brand if required
Expertise in Vinyl flooring and Terrazzo floor stripping and sealing

With over 15 years of combined experience our Stripping and Sealing teams are regarded as amongst the best in the industry. We stand by our teams and are confident that their expertise and consistently high results, will build the foundation for a long and prosperous business relationship between our companies.
Why consider Sydney Floors Stripping ans Sealing Services?

Floor Strip and Seal

Sydney Floors Stripping ans Sealing Services, Strips and Seals over 175,000m2 of hard flooring every month. Sydney Floor Stripping and Sealing Services are known throughout the industry for providing the highest levels of service coupled with the most competitive pricing in the marketplace.

Floor strip and seal with is commercial grade solutions will leave them rejuvenated and exceptionally durable. The life of your floor is thereby extended by reducing the possibility for marking and soil penetration. Surfaces are left with a superior wet look gloss finish that is non-slip. Floor surfaces suitable for floor stripping and sealing are vinyl, slate, terrazzo and terracotta floors.

Should you have any queries, or simply require a no obligation free quote, then please feel free to contact us.
Call Sydney Floor Strip and Seal Services on 1300 393 109

Floor Strip and Seal

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